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Hualien City, Hualien County黑潮拉麵·炸串專賣店

Ramen restaurant, at 970No. 71號, Fuxing St, Hualien City, Hualien County, 970

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4.3 (1676 comments)


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Open Time: 11:00


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Authentic ramen restaurant! With ~5 choices of different ramen and different noodle types to choose from. You can also choose fried side dishes as well. -Does not allow pre-booking, you can only go there directly and leave your name and phone number, the staff will notify you once your seat is available. -Worth waiting 30-40 minutes for it! -Atmosphere is nice, yellowish-vintage-japanese-izakaya(?) style -They also serve one type of Japanese beer, along with sprite and cola Recommend: Tonkotsu ramen, the tonkotsu is sliced thick and it's been cooked to perfection!

Very amazing Black Garlic Oil tonkotsu ramen. The top layer is garlic infused sesame oil cooked to a near-burnt color, so this is kind of an acquired taste. The broth is a very rich tonkotsu pork base, combined with the aforementioned Black Garlic Oil to create a very powerful punch, but with a deep complex texture that will leave you wanting for more. Chasu are thick and juicy, and blasted with a torch to add a flame roasted taste to the bowl, which is perfectly match with the broth. If your not used to this level of ramen heviness, it's totally fine and the shop offers customization to tweak the flavor & hardness of the noodles.

The ramen is rich and delicious! The noodles are on the thin side. Those who don't like hard noodles can choose soft noodles. For those who are afraid of salt, you can order light soup. The one I ordered today was average but still quite salty, but the soup is delicious. The fried food is very good. Today I ordered chicken skewers and king oyster mushrooms, which are very juicy and delicious without the sauce. Only 20 yuan for each skewer~