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Datong District, Taipei City酒泉傳統油飯

Deli, at 103, Taipei City, Datong District, Section 4, Yanping N Rd, 酒泉街交叉口

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Our tour guide recommended this place for an authentic Taiwanese dining experience, and it definitely lived up to expectations. They offer a diverse menu that includes their specialty dish, 油饭 (oily rice), among other delicious options like braised eggs, tofu, meatball soup, fishball soup, and both dry and wet noodles. When placing our order, we decided to try the 油饭, dry noodles, metal balls, and fishball soups. Contrary to its name, 油饭, which translates to "oily rice," is not actually oily but incredibly flavorful. It's a must-try dish! The metal balls were a delightful surprise – they were both delicious and fresh, perfectly complementing the clear soup. The flavors were well balanced, creating a satisfying combination. The noodles had a delightful springy texture and were topped with a delectable sauce and minced meat. They paired exceptionally well with the meatball soup, enhancing the overall dining experience. In terms of value for money, this place exceeded our expectations. The price point was reasonable, considering the quality and portion sizes. Before our meal, our tour guide shared an insider tip: if you spot taxi drivers eating at any food street in Taipei, there's a high chance that the food is both good and affordable. This advice turned out to be absolutely true! We were humbled by the remarkable quality, authentic flavors, and reasonable prices of the food we enjoyed at this establishment. It truly left a lasting impression on us.