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Xizhi District, New Taipei City胖老爹美式炸雞 汐止建成店

Cold cut store, at 22174, New Taipei City, Xizhi District, 建成路56巷6號

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Open Time: 15:00


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This is the best fried chicken in the world in my life👍 Occasionally fall in love with American fried chicken on the road from Tucheng store 🍗 Xizhi I have eaten the one from Tonghua shop (not enough gravy) from camphor tree (not enough juice), In fact, there are fat daddy is not bad It’s just that the standard of this store is very stable👍 Eat 10 times 9.5 times are full of happiness My family loves chicken thighs 😋 And I prefer the tender chicken thigh In the past, I would not eat the skin, but I would eat it all The skin is crispy but not greasy, and you won't have a sore throat if you eat too much 180 degrees oil temperature is really not easy! Come on 💪🏼 Thank you for making it with your heart🥰

Actually ate many times This time to contribute and share with everyone This time I ordered meal number 5 On average, one is just over $36 It's actually pretty cheap Now that prices are so high Temporary purchase on site You have to be mentally prepared to spend time waiting Because they make it to order If you have a reservation to eat, please call first and ask the store to calculate the time first I find it kind of funny 🤭 I'm not selling Because of environmental protection Best to bring your own shopping bag 🛍️ Or forget and have to spend one yuan to buy same store Depends on the skill of the chef Huo Hou is really important This one is really delicious

I have to say that it is really delicious. I only ate McDonald’s spicy fried chicken, but I fell in love with Fat Daddy once I ate it❤️ I used the platform to order food today, and I wanted to tell a joke, so I typed it in the remarks. I didn’t expect the store to really read it seriously 🤣 and gave me a special treat😍 I will continue to eat hard in the future ❤️❤️❤️