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Zhongli District, Taoyuan City壹等品霸王豬腳-中壢中央店(來來戲院旁)

Taiwanese restaurant, at No. 143號, Section 1, Zhongyang W Rd, Zhongli District, Taoyuan City, 320

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3.9 (1900 comments)


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Open Time: 10:30


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Crowded during the holidays and delicious!

I have passed by a few times, and there are many people in line every time. I just hate people in line, so even if I want to eat, I haven't aroused my patience to go in line. If you want to eat this popular queuing food, try to choose the unpopular time slot! Taking advantage of the weekend afternoon, I want to say that everyone will not eat pork knuckle rice for afternoon tea, right? Just try your luck~ There are still some people waiting at the door, but after asking, there is a place for Neyong! so happy~ Serving speed is pretty fast! Not long after sitting down, it was all on the table! In addition to the signature pig's feet, there are braised pork rice and some side dishes and soups, all of which are priced around 10-50. The stewed pork rice has not much ingredients, and there is quite a lot of sauce, so the taste is ordinary! Braised tofu and braised eggs are also delicious, it should be because their marinade is well stewed! They are all marinated very tasty, and they are easy to serve with rice~ The shredded bamboo shoots feel good with pig's feet, very tender and slightly oily, I like the taste of this snack the most~ I ordered radish soup for soup, I want to drink something light The soup, the pork ribs are real and big! It is just right with this table.

Delicious, delicious, just delicious