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Pingzhen District, Taoyuan City跑平牌陳飛豬腳

Takeout restaurant, at No. 151, Yimin Rd, Pingzhen District, Taoyuan City, 324

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4.2 (646 comments)


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Open Time: 10:00


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I have eaten more than five pork knuckles in Zhongli, and this one has the highest CP value so far! It has a lot of meat, a lot of ingredients, and the price is reasonable. The key point is that the pork knuckles are delicious and fragrant. Although 100 yuan is slightly more expensive than bento, but 100 yuan to eat such delicious and filling things outside is actually not much. It will definitely not be too expensive to eat as a dinner, especially for people who eat a lot of food and are prone to starvation, they often get hungry soon after eating a bento. This will not be the case with this leg bank meal XD. However, if you want to compare the pig’s trotters, the middle section, and the trotters, I recommend the trotters, because the trotters and the midsection have a lot more meat in the trotters. In my impression, the trotters and the midsection are two each piece. However, the taste and texture of the two are still different. What to order depends on personal preference, but if the CP value or a little fullness is the premise, the leg bank will be a better choice. In addition, the dining environment is comfortable, the store space is bright, and the tabletops and tableware are clean and hygienic.

Delicious hoof! The store has a very touching story!