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Guanyin District, Taoyuan City吼呷大蚵麵線

Brunch restaurant, at 328, Taoyuan City, Guanyin District, 富安街11號

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4.6 (75 comments)


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Open Time: 07:30


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Delicious snacks and generous portions

Five stars sincerely Do you want me to endorse it? It’s ok too – I highly recommend it.

The braised pork rice is like a ghost. I thought there was no delicious braised pork rice in Taoyuan. If he didn't need to lose weight, I would have given him three meals a day. The boss was kind enough to give me takeout chili peppers and two bowls of braised pork (then he smiled and told me to pay attention to my health, black question mark? I didn’t eat the pericardial oil. Can you explain it?). It’s no exaggeration to say that there aren’t many restaurants in the whole north that are better. Not to mention Taoyuan, but maybe I love the sweet braised pork rice/pork rice in the south too much. Let me tell you my thoughts: Because it is an oily type, you can eat it easily. In addition, I like to cook harder rice with toppings. After eating, there is no soup left at the bottom of the bowl and the texture is by no means a pure melt-in-your-mouth texture. There is also a little bit of tenderness from the skin. This is truly the perfect braised pork. meal. Paired with chili, it’s such a magic touch that I went to have a bowl of hot rice in the middle of the review, ㄏ I gave this hotel 95 points and deducted 5 points because it was too far for me. Please drive to Taipei! ! ! (I secretly hope that the boss can buy chili and braised pork vacuum bags in a group?)