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Sanxia District, New Taipei City上水樸石

Hot pot restaurant, at No. 20號, Guoji 1st St, Sanxia District, New Taipei City, 237

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Open Time: 11:30


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I ate at this place when it opened many years ago. Almost 10 years now. They have maintained it well. Clean and the food is still very quality. It is a little fancy but every once in a while we want to be spoiled. It is kept very cold.. But it becomes better after your pot is hot. Wish they had a few more drink choices. Other than that they do a great job. I am not a fan of the smoked preserved plum drink at the end.

"Beida Special Administrative Region, the first choice for hot pot dinner" I have lived in Peking University for so long, and there are many hot pot restaurants nearby. But if it is a dinner party with family and friends, I would first recommend Sheung Shui Pu Shi. This restaurant has been open for a long time and has been improved many times. Today I would like to share it on a whim. The reason for recommendation is: 1. The dining environment is good, with high ceilings and spacious, Japanese-style elegant dining environment. It is unique in this area. Many hot pot restaurants with thousands of meals in this area do not have this environment. It is better than the exterior decoration and the toilet. The largest table can It's not easy to sit 10 to 12 people. You have to sit together for dinner! 2. Free exclusive parking lot. Anyone who lives in Peking University knows how difficult it is to park on holidays, especially when you are having dinner with friends. 3. I don’t know if it was suggested to improve it before. Drinking black tea for free is really out of Buddha’s heart. It is really comfortable to drink black tea while chatting. I only had one cup before, but it is true that the previous one tastes better. In addition, there are There are more steamed eggs and more Japanese flavors (but the boss, there used to be corn pinch, hehe). In addition, it is unavoidable to have Master Du's ice cream, which is usually very happy for children. 4. In terms of ingredients: The quality depends on the judge. The freshness and presentation of the seafood are pretty good. I personally don’t like to combine meat, but if you order a business lunch, it is inevitable. If you want to eat real meat, you can order higher. It depends on personal preference and needs. 5. In terms of service: The waiters all wear hats or tie their hair. I personally think these details are very good, and the service attitude is also good. They are also very polite when changing meatballs into dishes, adding soup, and adding tea. They are placed next to the checkout counter. Throat lozenges are even more popular among children. 5. In terms of price: It is considered a medium-priced hot pot type. There is a posted menu and price, and you get what you pay for. There is also a special business lunch at noon on weekdays. I personally think the price is very reasonable. The environment is good, clean and tidy, and it is suitable for gatherings. The price is average, but if you want to eat it as a bento, or just compare prices, it will always feel expensive! If you want cheap ones, you can go to Guo X, if you want expensive ones, you can go to high-end ones. To be honest, no matter how low the price is, I am afraid that the store will be closed or I will eat bad ingredients. The high rent in the Peking University Special Economic Zone means that the prices here are not inferior to those in Tianlong Country. It is a rare and comfortable hot pot. I hope it can continue to open, but please ask the boss for it. Don’t raise the price at the first push!

Very good restaurant