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Zhubei City, Hsinchu CountyHotpot

Hot pot restaurant, at No. 172-1號, Renyi Rd, Zhubei City, Hsinchu County, 302

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4.4 (596 comments)


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Closing Time: 21:30


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Hot pot and seafood have always been my favorite, The hot pot family chain, I have eaten in Hsinchu, the impression is very good, This time, Zhubei Renyi store is newly opened, so hurry up and bring your family to try it out. . First of all, the tableware will leave a good first impression Stainless steel ladles, long clips, and chopsticks that can be sterilized at high temperatures are used The frontline service staff are very kind Although it is a little rusty because it has just opened for a few days . My mom surrendered when she saw the dishes on the table Little did they know that the main dish in the back is also very big XD It is rare to see apples and okra in the dish The astonishing variety When eating out, you need a small amount and a lot of variety!!! . The most eye-catching thing after the main course is on the table is the live shrimp The store also thoughtfully helped the prawns to be fixed Avoid it getting too excited and go straight to freedom There is no need to discuss the freshness of live shrimp, you can feel it when peeling the shell The tail is peeled off perfectly with ease, and the taste is superb. . The whole middle volume is complete, and the stomach sac has been removed in advance, When it was just cooked, I was still thinking about reminding the store to cut it twice It's a good size to eat, but when I took a bite, I realized I was wrong The fresh and tender taste is good to eat whole! The store’s intentions can be seen from the overlapping arrangement of flower branches and lemon slices The scalded flower branch slices, you can enjoy the lemon flavor without dipping the sauce The same is true for the clams, which are chubby and float on the water after cooking, Xiong Qing’s proof! Fresh ingredients, the most delicious and healthiest to eat. . I haven't researched meat slices, and it has never been my focus. But I feel that the meat is relatively thick, and one bite is a bit too full :P . Today's dessert offers ice jelly, which is refreshing and relieves greasy I didn't eat ice cream because I was full and had to go home to work. . Going to try another entree another day.

Delicious. If you like to eat seafood but are too lazy to peel the shells, I highly recommend the scallops (180 yuan). It was the first time I ate it and I was curious about how it would taste if cooked in a hot pot. Unexpectedly, I could still taste the fresh and sweet taste of the scallops. From then on It’s a must order every time I go there

good hot pot in a reasonable price