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Xinhua District, Tainan City吉野村現烤蛋糕

Cake shop, at No. 350號, Zhongzheng Rd, Xinhua District, Tainan City, 712

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4.1 (226 comments)


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Open Time: 07:00


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100 points is considered cheap

Delicious and cheap, great 👍. I feel that when there are a lot of customers, the shop assistants are really busy. It is inevitable that they are in a hurry and cannot provide other customized services (such as helping to cut or pack). They will ask you to cut it yourself with the attached blade. But they are happy to help cut and explain the taste when there is no one. It is suggested that people who go there for the first time can ask other customers if they do not know the taste and the clerk is busy. Today is the first time I took my friends there, most of them were weighed. I bought a cheese for 70 yuan, a mochi for 80 yuan, and a plastic box for 2 yuan. I also bought a new flavor of dirty bun cake (this one Directly 130 without weighing) Because I wanted to cut 3 flavors and put them in the same box, at first the eldest sister asked us to cut them ourselves, and I followed other regular customers to ask about the flavors we bought. Later, when we got it to the corner and wanted to cut it ourselves, it was already There are no customers, and the clerk said that there is no one else, so she can cut it for us. She cut it carefully, wiped the knife every time, and also helped us replace the old box of the dirty bag (because the box of the dirty bag has been stained with chocolate. Sauce and powder), said it would be nice to give away, maybe it was the first time we bought it, and we also told the cake to be refrigerated and can only be eaten tomorrow. If you can’t finish it tomorrow, you must freeze it, because it is still hot. It should be opened slightly for ventilation, so as not to stink and sour. Later, we left and forgot to leave a drink there, and the clerk chased us to the parking lot to bring it to us! ! ! So I don’t think I have a bad attitude (I’ve been to Keelung Li X to know what a bad attitude is)

Delicious ancient cake