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Minxiong Township, Chiayi County東琳廚房

Restaurant, at No. 41號, Fuxing Rd, Minxiong Township, Chiayi County, 621

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1.4 (124 comments)


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clean and hygienic When picking up vegetables, I happened to hear the proprietress teaching the sister in the kitchen how to handle the meat so that it will be in good condition. Boss: It is still necessary to control the temperature. Temperature is very important. Being in Donglin is like walking into a standard bookstore light The display of dishes, the main course options, dry powder fried, wet powder fried, marinated, fried, white cut, three cups and shiny green vegetables, poached eggs with bomb-breaking soup dumplings, all of which will make you careless. Make your own easy lunch upgrade! Don't talk about what kind of price you should order in a shop in the countryside. It should be said that you can also choose what kind of choice in the country. The proprietress looks serious, she doesn't care about the world's vision but also maintains the quality of the store, it's great.

I left one star before (2-3 years ago) Now I change it to 5 stars Prices are now very reasonable And the point is that the dishes are rich Not too oily and of a certain quality recommend!

The dishes are very rich Great for someone like me who wants to eat a little of everyone so 70 Two kinds of vegetables, one piece of sweet and sour pork ribs, two pieces of squid rings, one piece of bitter gourd wrapped in meat, one piece of bitter gourd, some bell peppers, one poached egg, chicken thigh