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Taibao City, Chiayi County喬香軒-深坑清蒸麻辣臭豆腐/鴨血

Hawker stall, at No. 160-2號, Bangqiu 3rd St, Taibao City, Chiayi County, 612

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4.6 (48 comments)


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Open Time: 11:00


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You can feel the store's intentions when you take a bite

Not bad. I've been here two or three times. The meal is served very quickly~ There are many parts to stinky tofu; It’s about 6-8 yuan🤔🤔 The tofu is not very tasty. But the flavor of the soup is quite delicious; There is a lot of fabric in one bowl; Cabbage, bean skin, a little onion🧅 King oyster mushroom, enoki mushroom, shiitake mushroom🍄 I didn’t order white rice, but it was enough for a small appetite. Oh, but 10 yuan for white rice is enough for a small bowl. Use a small paper bowl, if you want a larger bowl, It will be more filling for people with big appetites! ? Then use the soup to make rice and it’s delicious~🤤 I won’t order it if I don’t want to eat duck blood😂 I will comment more often when I have time. I am a super picky eater. It’s not delicious and I can’t be bothered to comment. So everyone can go and eat with confidence👌🏻 Only delicious restaurants will give five-star reviews🫶🏻🫶🏻

The ingredients are plentiful and the price is very reasonable. The mixed pot with cabbage, enoki mushrooms, stinky tofu and duck blood is really delicious. The soup is refreshing and delicious ~ a must-eat every time I go to Taibao