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Fengshan District, Kaohsiung City江鳥紅/火鍋/健康餐/外送/便當

Meal delivery, Box lunch supplier at 號 No, No. 71, Shengli Rd, Fengshan District, Kaohsiung City, 830

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The pumpkin pot is very rich and has a lot of meat. The price is not too cheap, but the whole portion and the taste match the price. The newly launched braised pork rice is also very fragrant and delicious. I just want ordinary sand tea You may have to ask the boss for the sauce. Overall, it is a shop worth visiting again!

((There are 2018.10.13 dining impressions below)) Hidden Persistence Gourmet Occasionally, I found this ~Jiang Niaohong Easy Canteen. Pretty cheap. Curry rice is 100 yuan up, and it looks clean. Curry sauce is between sweet and spicy, Strong spice flavor. Q bomb healthy pig is boiled foreleg meat, The taste is a little rough, which is a pity. Health-preserving medicinal pork, originally used foreleg meat, $210 Now it is changed to plum-blossom pig, and the price is adjusted to 270 yuan. Although it was raised by 60 yuan, But after eating pork slices in curry, I deeply feel that the price increase is worth it. This is a real plum-blossom pig, not a fake one. The taste of Q bomb, the aroma of oil, great 👍! The soup has a mild herbal taste, with sweetness, I think kids and men will like it too. Although it is said to be cooked with angelica grass from Hualien, But it doesn't taste very strong. The dish is mostly vegetables, and it's scored again, I really don't like processed food. The fresh milk tea is the milk from Pingtung Wanda Ranch, 1:1 mix with black tea, Fragrant and smooth, $50, worth it. The straw is an iron straw, plus points! River Bird Red Flavor Pot No. 71, Shengli Road, Fengshan District, Kaohsiung City, Near Fengshan High School, East Zhongshan Road 07-7018333 ====== 2018.10 13 This is my personal favorite store. Today I will share it with you without any secrets. Let the people who come to Taiwan no longer only have horse spicy food, Ding Wang. This is not a chain of hot pot restaurants in Taiwan, only Kaohsiung can eat it. The dining environment is comfortable and not oppressive. The meals are clean, without too much artificial chemical food. The soup base is real and takes time to cook. Whether a hot pot restaurant has a heart, you can tell by looking at the cauliflower. Willing to tear off the hard stalks of cauliflower, This boss definitely put a lot of thought into sticking to the ingredients The consumption of a single pot is around 350 yuan, There are hot pots, staple foods, drinks, meat products, and dishes. I highly recommend that everyone who comes to Kaohsiung must come and try it. #Annie is a foodie #hot pot #Kaohsiung #must eat #love store # Rice with red quinoa #健康≠Not tasty #no tourists #Locals are eating #do not eat will regret #The ingredients are definitely worth the price #Long time no dinner party No. 71, Shengli Road, Fengshan District, Kaohsiung City Business hours: 11:00~21:00

Delicious 😋