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Zhongshan District, Taipei City長板凳工作室。π。Handmade

Breakfast restaurant, at No. 86號, Hejiang St, Zhongshan District, Taipei City, 10491

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4.4 (451 comments)


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Open Time: 07:00


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The decoration of this room is very fresh, and the seats are indeed long benches, which are used by guests as side tables. The toast is all homemade on the second floor, so there are only seats on the first floor for dine-in use. The old-school pork sandwich is marinated in meat, tender and chewy. The eggs are very special. They are wrapped in corn kernels and fried together. They are very smooth and tender. The sandwiches are all coated with homemade lemon mayonnaise. I have never been a fan of mayonnaise, so I made an exception and gave it a try. It was really good, with a lemony aroma and a unique taste that goes well with the pork. The homemade thick slices of toast are quite good. The boss even develops the flavor of the soufflé sauce himself. It has a strong milky flavor but is not greasy. It is baked until golden brown and crispy, and the aroma is full of flavors. It is really delicious. So full and satisfied <3

delicious toast

The toast is delicious and the business is very good. Please wait a moment.