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Xinshi District, Tainan City向日葵早餐

Breakfast restaurant, at No. 21號, Huaxing St, Xinshi District, Tainan City, 744

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4.2 (72 comments)


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Closing Time: 12:30


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delicious breakfast place

I have been back to Taiwan for a long time. Every time I come back, I will come to eat sunflowers on the first morning. There is no lard smell that I don’t like for breakfast here. The chicken nuggets are 4 pieces, and the boss has sprinkled a little pepper on them. It is super delicious. The omelette The crust is neither dry nor oily, and the soft taste is just right. Milk tea is the base of my favorite ancient black tea, and I will not get tired of drinking it for ten thousand years! I don’t know if the proprietress is the only one supporting the breakfast shop. Anyway, when I came here today, the proprietress was the only one. The business was good, but the proprietress’s attitude was very good and kind despite being busy, which made me feel like I really came back to Taiwan. 😭

Around eight in the morning, I am afraid that there will be too many orders during working hours, so call to make an appointment first The proprietress said that you can come directly to pick up the meal It's not as long as everyone said The thick slices are afraid of being stuffy and soft when picking up the meal. The boss even opened the plastic box to ventilate the air. He also asked if it is necessary to fill up the gypsophila. The thick slices of chocolate have gone to the edge, and they are baked just right. The bread is soft and not dry, very good eat. The mushroom teppan noodles are quite satisfactory, without any strange smell, it is a delicious teppanyaki👍 Hard-boiled eggs are also good Although it is an old breakfast shop, it feels very clean from the bar counter to the dining environment, and there is no thick greasy dirt on the iron plate for meal preparation, so I feel safe to eat😌 You can use your own lunch box for takeaway ❤️ There are a lot of people in the store, and I will visit again next time