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Beitou District, Taipei City石牌雞跩哥狂野韓式炸雞

Korean restaurant, at No. 26號, Lane 68, Section 2, Shipai Rd, Beitou District, Taipei City, 112

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4.4 (173 comments)


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Open Time: 17:00


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It was around 10 PM when I came to this restaurant with friends, half-starving. Many places in Taiwan close really early (compared to NYC) and thankfully, this restaurant closes around 11 PM. FOOD: The chicken is boneless! It was extremely juicy, crispy and very flavorful. For around $160 NTD (iirc), you get a delicious and filling meal. The meal I ordered came with seasoned chicken with the sauce over it (I randomly ordered one), pickled radish (the cubes), rice with Korean-style seaweed (these were absolutely delicious!!!), and a baby can of coca cola (250 mL). I could barely finish everything even though I was starving. My 3rd time there with friends, we ordered the family meal (2 different chickens) with a big bottle of coca cola and a small pot of the rice. It was more than enough to split between 5 very hungry people. This was my first time trying Korean-style fried chicken, so I was surprised when we were served the meal with a single glove. (If you ask nicely, they can give you a second glove.) LOCATION: The location of this restaurant is a little sus ngl. It's inside an alleyway toward the back and in the middle of the night, it can be a little intimidating to walk through. But the restaurant itself was very clean. You sit on tall stools (4 chairs to a table) with baskets underneath to put your bag or other belongings in. ATMOSPHERE: I've been here 3 times and the first time I was there, they played kpop. My second time there, I was with my White friend. We were the only ones there and I guess they tried to cater to us by playing American dub step lmao. My third time there, they were playing Chinese music.

The chicken are really awesome! The best french fries also! And the very great machine as cashier 🙏