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North District, Hsinchu City螞蟻食鍋anT.hoT.poT

Hot pot restaurant, at No. 99號, Heping Rd, North District, Hsinchu City, 300

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4.3 (145 comments)


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Open Time: 12:00


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If you like meat, it is recommended to eat it. The cut is relatively thick and it tastes solid. This time, the Shuangjiang Beef and Tender Shoulder Lamb taste very good. You can eat all you can eat vegetables, curry rice, drinks, coffee, and cream. You can choose from ice cream. Overall, the price/performance ratio is average for a hot pot restaurant.

2023/06/13 Dinner in the evening The 2 service staff in the outfield have a good attitude, they introduced the meals clearly, and they also took the initiative to clean up the table. The delivery speed is fast, and the things at the bar are also replenished very quickly👍👍 Ordering the milk pot also comes with a bottle of Guangquan fresh milk 🤣 so special! The milk soup is rich, and the vegetable and fruit soup is sweet! There is no advertisement, Xiao Que Xing 1: 2 people go together and get 3 ounces of meat slices No Advertisement Xiaoguai 2: New Yali Limin has a discount (because I am not, so I don't know the content of the discount) "Boss, can I have a discount together with the one next door? 🙏🙏"

This is very close to home but it's the first time As soon as I entered the store~ it was like a review The environment is clean ~ the ingredients are fresh ~ freshly cut and served The meat platter is 6 oz ~ beautifully presented Pots and utensils are clean Curry rice is very suitable for children's appetite~ and it feels that it is cooked with heart Ice cream cup~~ so cute~ eat 2 times love ambient music Overall dining experience 100 points I will go again next time~~ The kids love it very much