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Dongshi District, Taichung City大呼過癮小火鍋【東勢店】先前 大呼過癮小火鍋【東勢店】東勢火鍋、東勢美食、晚餐首選、麻辣鴨血、車站附近、平價首選

Hot pot restaurant, at 423, Taichung City, Dongshi District, Diwuheng St, 1之2號

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4.6 (82 comments)


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Open Time: 11:00


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When I came to the store at 6 o'clock in the evening when there was a lot of crowds, the service staff was very polite and said that it would be ready soon~ (It’s really grateful to be able to eat right away when the weather is cold!) When drawing the list, the store also politely asked if the next door could accommodate another person. I feel like being respected! (Because there are two four-person tables together, my boyfriend and I sat at the inner table. It should be assumed that there is no one sitting at the four-person table outside. The store can arrange it by itself, but the store gives priority to inquiries, and I feel respected) I forgot to take a picture of the menu price, but I remember that I ordered the large intestine stinky pot for $140, and my boyfriend ordered the curry pot for $160 (the price is slightly unclear) Now the prices of small hot pots outside have increased ~ I personally think that the CP value of my pot is OK! Compared with Sanma's Chou Chou Hot Pot, I personally think this soup is lighter, but the tofu is very tasty and worth giving one. I haven't tried my boyfriend's curry pot, but I feel that the ingredients are a little less than mine. He is a little disappointed and doesn't recommend it. I have to say that the a la carte stewed duck blood is really delicious! I'm usually a spicy eater, but it's great if it's mildly spicy. With the store's minced pork rice, I can have a few more bowls! Really, I am very appetizing and appetizing! I made a mistake ordering a plate, I think I can finish a plate by myself XD It’s really delicious, highly recommended 👍👍👍 There is refillable white rice in the store, and you must top it with their dried meat. It is really blissful to eat delicious food in cold weather~ Ps. I read some comments about the cleanliness of the store environment. This time I can only say that it is very good~ The environment is bright and clean, and the service staff are actively clearing the tables. I think the dining environment is OK! I hope you can come and eat if you have the opportunity ❤️

In the small town of Dongshi, a good place where you don't want to step on thunder. Unexpectedly, the minced meat rice turned out to be the highlight! It is full of aroma and mixed with special chili sauce ~ so attractive! Braised duck blood and Lu stinky tofu~ are very tasty. The ingredients in each pot are fresh~ The family went out to eat.. One person, one taste, no need to worry!