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West District, Taichung CityNewbi Sukiyaki

Sukiyaki and Shabu Shabu restaurant, Hot pot restaurant at 403, Taichung City, West District, Section 2, Taiwan Blvd, 459號13F

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4.4 (1830 comments)


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Open Time: 11:00


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The cost for one person on a holiday night is about 600 yuan (including service charge). Vegetables were plentiful and fresh, and the water lily was great. The fried food is delicious but easy to get full after eating too much. Meat chicken and pig Pupu are quite satisfactory and will not be disappointed. Milkfish meat strips have the taste of fish, but the taste is like chewing chicken. The most anticipated beef, Australian beef bacon (more oily, very good taste) > American beef bacon (compared with Australian beef, it is very small, and it shrinks even more when it is boiled) > Australian black beef = American black beef (black beef It belongs to the taste of lean meat. When you are very full, it is a bit difficult to eat due to the dry texture of the meat. It is recommended to blanch it for 5 minutes before it is cooked). There are candied lemon slices in the beverage area, a few slices from time to time, or sliced ​​meat can be eaten to relieve the greasy feeling. The sauce is fruit vinegar + radish puree + chopped green onion + a little soy sauce, chili, very refreshing and has the feeling of Thai sauce. The red miso sauce tastes ordinary, and the beef can reduce the dryness. Although the clerks are busy in and out at a fast pace, but a clerk with eyes will take the initiative to ask and will not pretend to ignore it. The self-service bar in the middle is also replenished very frequently. Although the time limit is 1.5 hours, it will not rush the guests. No pressure, good service overall.

There are many choices of sukiyaki meat~ You can eat a lot after just one round! In addition, there are many vegetables and fried options~ Drinks and ice products are also available!

The fried food is more juicy than I thought, and the beef belly tastes great~~