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Nantun District, Taichung City豬一家早餐/一人作業請先預訂/愛心餐/肉蛋吐司/早餐/早午餐/午餐/輕食/南屯美食/甜點/嶺東美食/漢堡

Breakfast restaurant, Brunch restaurant at 408016, Taichung City, Nantun District, Lane 56, Yongchun S Rd, 29號1樓

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4.7 (59 comments)


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Open Time: 06:30


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This is a small shop that is easy to miss if you don't look carefully. The proprietress takes care of everything in the whole shop by herself, so it is recommended to contact her first to make an order so you don't have to wait. The interior is very warm and comfortable, and there are not many seats. Visually, it can only accommodate 6 people at most. The first time I went there, I ordered the signature black pig sandwich + cheese, and then upgraded to the black tea + crispy potato set. The sandwich was delicious. The taste is very refreshing, the crispy potatoes are fried just right, crispy but not too hard, the black tea for drinks is not astringent or too sweet, and the price is very reasonable. Overall, it is a breakfast restaurant above the standard, highly recommended👍

— 2/11 Consumption — A breakfast shop with a high Cp value (the boss's attitude is also super good) First summarize: 1. The toast is very thick and very Q, which is very different from other breakfast shops 2. Peanut butter is thick and granulated, slightly sugary (a bunch of breakfast shops) 3. The boss cheese sauce is made by himself, push it carefully! 4. Chicken breast meat is not firewood, but it has a slight smell of chicken (you can eat it alone) 5. The cheese of the item + cheese is the kind wrapped in an egg! Washing pressure wow ㄙ ㄟ ˋ! 6. All items can be customized😚 Meals ordered this time: [Black Pig Club Sandwich + Cheese] This item surprised me the most! Super delicious, with mashed potatoes in it! The toast is thick enough to be full! [Shufei Chicken Breast Egg Toast + Cheese] The chicken breast is not firewood, but it has a slight chicken smell, but it can't be eaten together Lots of lettuce! Love it ❤️ [carrotcake] It's not a random radish cake, and you can eat shredded radish in it, so I asked the boss if he made any money! [Blueberry Cheese Bagel] The whole wheat bagel itself is like bread, not chewy (I don't like it very much, and it's a bit dry), but the boss is full of delicious stuffing, the sweetness of cheese + blueberry is about 8 points of sugar [Bean red], [Black tea] They are all big cups from ordinary breakfast shops, delicious! It feels like ancient black tea! Sweetness about half sugar [Peanut butter toast served by Bonus boss] I don't really like the peanuts in the breakfast shop, because they are very sweet and watery So I'm usually used to buying peanut butter from the nut store that I grind myself But this peanut butter! ! Like using the ones from the nut shop! Very fragrant but not sweet and thick, I love it ❤️❤️ The boss is really hardworking😭

Thick Beef Egg Burger is really delicious!! Because pregnant women don't dare to eat lettuce, the store also helped to cook it, and even attached a note, the pregnant woman was moved to tears!! Where can I find such a caring store~~ Thank you for your hard work, we will patronize again!! Thank you ^^