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North District, Taichung City藍象廷泰式火鍋 台中中友店

Hot pot restaurant, Restaurant at 404, Taichung City, North District, Section 3, Sanmin Rd, 161號, Building C, 15樓

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4.1 (1103 comments)


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Open Time: 11:00


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The green curry soup is great. The moon prawn cakes are delicious. The cold seafood is delicious but very spicy.

The rating should not be so low! ! The service is very good~ The soup in the green curry pot is also great~ Great satisfaction!

In the early days, when I heard from my friends that I was going to Lanxiangting, I immediately searched for reviews online. But I feel that the reviews are all negative, so I kept a bad mood to accompany my friends for dinner. However, after coming here, I found that it was not so bad at all. The green curry soup is really super recommended. . . . The dipping sauce is also very good (personally likes dipping sauce), all-you-can-eat dishes, and the hot pot ingredients are all okay. As for the service attitude commented on the Internet, I can only say that I have met good people. . . . And the attitude of the service staff makes me feel sincere. The service attitude of Taiwanese restaurants is really good, but the attitude of some service staff is fake, and the voice is pretending to be good and polite. However, the real good service attitude does not lie in the voice, whether you need to bow ninety degrees, or whether you need to keep saying sorry, but whether you provide appropriate care and assistance for the needs of customers. Business is good, it's okay to wait a bit. Sometimes, there really is no need to be aggressive. Thank you, Ms. Zhou Ziqin from Zhongyou Store in Taichung, treat our parents with heart. (Young people sometimes feel very impatient with the questions of the elderly.) I know your service attitude when I see my father’s reaction. Very much in his heart. Thank you, Ms. Xu Shichun, although the business has been very busy, she has never neglected our table, and her smile has never stopped. Thank you, it should be the store manager, I really do it myself. The business is busy, and I personally clean the table, collect the dishes, and step on high heels. Very hard. The two experiences I have been to have been good, and they are only about a week apart. I hope that Lan Xiangting's business will be prosperous and the wealth will be abundant. I also hope that as customers, we can say a few more words of thanks, please, and we should get better and more sincere service.