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North District, Taichung City『 兩餐 』 두끼 韓國年糕火鍋吃到飽-中友店

Korean restaurant, Restaurant at 404, Taichung City, North District, Yucai N Rd, 59號1F

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4.2 (7163 comments)


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Closing Time: 22:00


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The first store in the new year is dedicated to two meals. The rice cake hot pot is a new trick of 299 yuan to eat all you can eat. I also added 100 meat to eat all you can eat, ㄎㄎ... I really admire and admire it. It is really a store full of surprises and expectations. There are wormwood rice cakes, purple rice rice cakes, ordinary rice cakes, and next door there are rice cakes disguised as udon noodles. After eating it, I found out that it is fake 😂😂!!! Rice cakes are all natural ingredients without adding coloring, In addition, the eggs are super tender and super elastic. Although there are not many ingredients, they are enough to eat. South Korea’s sweet and spicy fish cake is also a common street food in Korea. A large piece is skewered into a large string, and the portion is not small @@My way of eating is to eat directly with hot pot sauce, without drinking it with broth. The taste is not bad, and there will be a faint fishy smell. There is also a section dedicated to Korean instant noodles. The texture of Korean instant noodles is thick and firm, and it tastes relatively elastic, which is very suitable for my appetite, but this time I was full and surrendered too soon!! The thick rice cake is too easy to fill my stomach... and then there is The added potside cheese is really rich, and it is a different feeling to eat with rice cakes😄 The last point is that after eating, he can also use the leftover soup from the hot pot to fry rice, which becomes a real two meals, but I am too full to eat fried rice at all~~😅😅


Pork belly is really delicious