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Shalu District, Taichung City阿寬羊肉爐

Hot pot restaurant, at No. 548號, Zhongshan Rd, Shalu District, Taichung City, 433

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Open Time: 17:00


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The soup is a bit "big brother", very rich and delicious. The shop also sells roast goose and roast chicken. It looks very delicious. There is an all-you-can-drink drink included. The business is very good. It is divided into the main shop and the second shop. Although it is next door, you have to go there It takes a long time to get there. Seeing the clerk crossing the road with hot soup and tableware, I really feel a cold sweat for them. If someone is not careful, the hot soup and hot oil are no small matter, and there are not enough people, and they have to waste time waiting. The red light and the distance, the speed will not be fast, so the guests who go to dine should be more considerate, I hope the boss can improve, but I have to appreciate the attitude of the proprietress, she is very kind, even if she is very busy, she is still very polite, and she will do it when she is busy Go to the table to confirm that the food is ready. The field control ability is very good, and you can bend and stretch.

The soup is rich and delicious, the taste is not salty, it is really delicious, the mutton is tender and delicious, and the vegetable balls are too big to cook for a long time.

There are big cans of drinks for you when you check in. The ingredients are good, the taste is strong, and the environment is clean