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Yuanlin City, Changhua County早安美芝城員林大同概念店

Breakfast restaurant, Brunch restaurant at No. 234, Section 2, Datong Rd, Yuanlin City, Changhua County, 510

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3.9 (186 comments)


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Open Time: 05:30


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Eat breakfast

There should be several chain breakfast restaurants in every place. The reasons for recommending this restaurant are as follows. This is a concept store, and with the richness of the meals, it is better than several of the same beautiful city. Maybe every franchisee has I think about it quite a bit, and it’s still a matter of opinion, but I have to say that the internal use environment is the most important thing in this hot summer, of course, is the openness of the air conditioner. Maybe the air conditioner is in the concept of every operator, and it is always necessary to carefully calculate the cost, but seriously, consumers It is very likely that I did not choose it because of this factor, and there is another place that must be emphasized and recommended. I don’t know if anyone who comes to your store finds that the panoramic glass window does not feel stuffy even when the sun is bright. Some people may say that the air conditioner is turned on, of course it won’t be stuffy, but in fact, the all-glass interior area will still be affected by strong sunlight to some extent. The outstanding feature of this store is that all the glass is pasted with FSK diamonds for anti-scalding and heat insulation Tie, a table is also needed for internal use, and it actually provides such a comfortable and cool internal use area, which is really great. Of course, the meals are what I like and are used to eating. So far, I have eaten three times a week. There is no thunder in the sky, I sincerely recommend it to everyone!

The clerk has a friendly and friendly attitude, he will say good morning, and he is in a good mood when he hears it When you open the back door to deliver food, you will knock on the door first, in case there are customers standing behind the door, praise