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Xinshi District, Tainan City新市五兩半薑母鴨

Hot pot restaurant, at 712台南市新市區中山路22號

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4.7 (65 comments)


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Closing Time: 23:00


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Delicious and cheap, super recommended


2023/1/24 6:55 pm We, 11 people, traveled around the island on the third day of the Lunar New Year On the way back around the island and riding all the way to my home in Kaohsiung Because the weather is cold just right. After five and a half ginger ducks I wanted to have dinner, so I went into the store and asked The boss, who is doing a prosperous business, said it would be nine o'clock at the earliest. Because the boss is busy in the store. Wait, there are still customers. So my husband asked me to ask, please boss. Can you ask the boss to sell us 11 bowls of sesame oil and ginger soup to see how much it costs? Because the weather is really too cold. My husband wants his friends to drink hot soup. Really grateful. Thank you very much to the boss for agreeing despite his busy schedule. This is our unsolicited request. The boss quickly helped us make soup Let everyone drink warm soup in the cold weather. Finally, when I asked the boss how much it would cost The kind-hearted boss didn't even charge me a fee. He said that it would be good if he went to him next time to eat ginger duck. He also told me not to throw money to him. I was really touched and heart-warming after hearing this But I understand that to open a store and do business is to make money Therefore, we must not let the boss work in vain. So I still put 200 yuan on the table for the boss. Thank you very much for your warmth, boss. Finally, I wish my boss a happy new year and a prosperous business. Next time I will definitely bring the whole family to eat the heart-warming ginger duck The first time I experienced three days and two nights 🏍️I cycled around the island A lot of big and small things happened along the way And let me feel the most beautiful scenery in Taiwan In fact, it’s the human heart🥰 Taiwanese people are warm-hearted, kind-hearted and beautiful. Highly recommended to everyone to try it Ginger duck cooked by a kind-hearted boss Xinshi "Five Liang and a Half Ginger Duck" No. 22, Zhongshan Road, Xinshi District, Tainan City 06-599 7135 ~~~~~~~~~~~~ 2023/1/27 the sixth day of the lunar month My husband and I took my in-laws and my sister-in-law Qianqing Come with your parents and parents-in-law to eat delicious food 😋 Five ounces and a half ginger duck (If you say you want to bring your family over to eat, act immediately) Today I am very lucky to have crabs, sand male, ginger and duck to eat. (I heard it doesn’t happen every day) The store environment is also very clean The family had a great time eating and it was delicious thank you boss I wish the boss a prosperous business