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Ren’ai District, Keelung City瑞益果菜行(88號豆花&水餃)

Dessert shop, Dumpling restaurant at No. 88號, Aiyi Rd, Ren’ai District, Keelung City, 200

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4.7 (40 comments)


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Open Time: 10:30


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The best soy milk and tofu pudding I have ever tasted has to be this one! I have never tasted the dense and rich taste of soy milk and tofu pudding😭 I have eaten soy milk and tofu pudding in the past. The tofu pudding will not absorb the soy milk. I only remember that soy milk and dou pudding are expressed separately. Soy milk is soy milk and dou pudding is dou pudding. But this restaurant is very different. During the eating process, you can smell the rich aroma of soy milk. At the same time, the dense texture of tofu pudding absorbs the water of the soy milk, making the tofu pudding taste smoother. A bowl of it is very refreshing in the hot summer! ❚ If you like to drink soy milk, take the soy milk and tofu pudding from this store to eat at home. You may be shocked when you get home and find that the soy milk is gone and only the tofu pudding and ingredients are left, because the soy milk has been absorbed by the tou pudding (To soy milk~) The ingredients prepared by the store give people a healthy and natural impression For sugar water, you can choose the amount of sugar you like (less sugar, half sugar, full sugar) Choose soy milk and tofu curd with less sugar. I think the ingredients contain sugar and the soy milk is rich. With less sugar, you can have a more original and natural taste ~ (Maybe you can try some sugar-free next time) A la carte items: 1. Soy milk and tofu curd (optional 3 ingredients) 55 yuan: snow lotus (tastes like red beans, sweet and delicious), pickled pineapple, peach gum 2. Rice cake (optional 2 ingredients): rice cake, valentine fruit 3. Taro and Sago: My family wanted to drink it, but it was sold out🥲When the author was eating at the scene, other customers also asked about it, and it seemed to be very popular. Visited on 2023.05.28 (Sunday) 13:42 - 【Grading】 5️⃣⭐️: A place with a high probability of revisiting 4️⃣⭐️: Average score, but low priority for return visits

I am picky about it. This time I experienced soy milk and bean curd. It was really like what the review said, "the perfect blend of soy milk and bean curd". Especially since I don’t like sweet ingredients, this restaurant doesn’t offer it. The appropriate light sweetness can bring out the aroma of red beans and taro without overpowering it; during the tasting process, you can also feel the owner’s persistence and enthusiasm for quality. All in all, I will pay a return visit. Next time, it will be more custom-made with a little crushed ice to suit my preference. I will try their dumplings by the way.

Douhua is the top three in my heart! There are many choices of ingredients, among which peach gum is very special, I haven't seen it in other places, it tastes like honey, QQ, I recommend it. The bean curd is dense, it is the ancient salted bean curd, I like it very much. Bean curd with soy milk or bean curd with sugar water are very delicious. Every time you go to Ren’ai Market, you must come to eat it!