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Zhonghe District, New Taipei City無限廚房 - 中和店 (作伙滷肉飯|尬意雞肉飯|領軍排骨|小香風味便當|天天分饗小火鍋) 外送 外帶 線上訂餐

Restaurant, at 235, New Taipei City, Zhonghe District, Jianyi Rd, 178號1F

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3.8 (344 comments)


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Open Time: 11:00


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Xiaoxiang Canteen is delicious😋

Use foodpanda to order takeaway chicken rice. It’s so convenient to just pick it up when the time comes! The chicken is tender, seasoned and salty, and the portion is sufficient. The soup with 1 meatball + 2 fish balls is also delicious. It really makes me feel more embarrassed the more I eat it😋

I have been hearing for a long time that friends and colleagues are saying that this restaurant has many meals and everything is delicious~ I wanted to eat Taiwanese food for lunch today, so I ordered it for him. "The roasted chicken bento with chicken rice and green onion + dried fish and tofu + mixed soup" was really delicious. After I was full and satisfied, I gave the store five stars. ! The first bite that came into my mouth was chicken topped with green onions. It had a surprising texture. The meat was tender and juicy, and the shreds of meat didn't get stuck between your teeth. This alone is a praise! I thought it was just ordinary braised eggs and fried tofu, but otherwise~~ The color of the braised eggs is quite brown, and the braised aroma comes out when you bite it open. It is a little moist and will not get stuck in your throat. I am satisfied! The rice is also topped with gravy, so it's not dry or boring. Even the sauerkraut that comes with it is delicious, and it's easy to finish the rice! Personally, I like the dried tofu with small fish. I added some dried tofu. I put the dried tofu, dried fish, green and red pepper flakes into my mouth at the same time and chewed it. It is spicy and tasty! delicious! Of course, the soup is the mixed soup, which contains 1 tribute ball + 2 fish balls (there are pork and fish, so pay attention to the balance). The ones provided by the store are small ones, the tribute balls will spray juice, and the balls will snap! Ending with soup, I finished today’s lunch and felt energetic enough to go to work! This store has a lot of choices, I will try them again!