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Huwei Township, Yunlin County職男手作(公休日請見FB及LINE)

Breakfast restaurant, at No. 155號, Fuxing Rd, Huwei Township, Yunlin County, 632

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4.7 (60 comments)


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Open Time: 06:00


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Supplement: I have eaten almost all the items, basically no thunder, carrot cake and tycoon burger are relatively common (but not thunder), hot dogs are delicious, and can be customized (such as: meat-controlled rice balls, meat-controlled omelets, etc. ⋯⋯) The rice balls are cheap, big and full of ingredients, and the fritters are also very crispy. Recommended👍 I am picky about boiled pork. I have eaten almost all the boiled pork rice in Huwei. The buns in this store are soft, and the boiled pork is very flavorful. The lean meat is not dry, and the fat meat melts in the mouth without being greasy I personally like the sweetness that is unique to fatty meat. It is one of the most delicious boiled meat in the tiger's tail! The bean flavor of soy milk is not strong, but the black tea with soy milk is delicious!

The sweet biscuits are not too sweet, the salty biscuits are delicious, very special and different from the ordinary ones (personally I think they are similar to the ones in Fuhang), and the fried dough sticks are very crispy, overall the CP value is very high!

Rice ball fixed team Meat floss vegetable garden Fried dough sticks (Not sure if I missed any) Rice grains have a solid texture The combination of ingredients is also very good Feeling full enough The boss’s service attitude is kind and friendly 😉 We also sell steamed buns, egg cakes, and pancakes. A great Chinese breakfast restaurant push push Looking forward to trying Gua Bao next time *renew The meat is super delicious Soul Spindle