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Ren’ai District, Keelung CityA29 Dumpling

Traditional market, at 200, Keelung City, Ren’ai District, Aisan Rd, 21號2F-A29攤

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4.9 (66 comments)


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Open Time: 11:00


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I thought that the signboard said that the taste of mother would be cooked by my mother-no, it is a young boss. And the boss looks serious and fierce, but he is actually a kind and good person. This time I ordered the seasonal fresh cinnamon bamboo shoot dumplings (10 pieces/$105) + fried ice flower ($25). The dumplings have to be cooked first before the ice flowers can be fried, so I waited for a long time. Because I have never eaten ice flower fried dumplings, I wondered if the boss had forgotten it. I walked over to ask, the boss said, "What's the matter?" I thought I was going to be killed by the boss, but no, the boss really just wanted to say what's wrong? Later, it was specifically stated that the ice flower should be fried slowly on a low fire so that it will not burn, which is very contrasting and cute. When the fried dumplings are on the table, they are full of oily and crispy aroma. The boss also attached a plate of summer-limited pomelo sauce and 2 extra shrimp-flavored fried dumplings. The meat fillings of the two flavors of dumplings are very fresh and sweet, and they are not overly seasoned. I believe that the store's main warm-body pig is really real. The filling configuration of the osmanthus bamboo shoot dumplings is very similar to meatballs. I thought that the dumplings had been frozen, and the bamboo shoot flavor would not be too obvious. I didn’t expect it to be quite crunchy and sweet after biting into it. It is worth a try. Their dumplings are really big, and you can only order one (10) directly at a time. Girls are really too full to eat. And for tourists, it is rare to go to Ren'ai Market once. There are so many old shops in it, and you will be full after eating dumplings. This will be the reason why you will not visit often in the future. But I can also understand the cost considerations of the store to fire once, so I will provide it for your reference! The dining area is decorated in a Japanese style, very clean and bright, and the lighting combination makes people feel very warm. The sauces are very complete, the tables, chairs, and tableware are also very clean. It is rare for a snack bar to be so well maintained.

Today I ordered the original ice flower fried dumplings (that is, the original flavor dumplings are fried into ice flower fried dumplings, 65+25=90) The dumplings themselves taste very good, and the boss fried the dumplings beautifully! No matter the visual or taste effect is great! Will try other flavors next time!