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Shanhua District, Tainan City阿土早點

Breakfast restaurant, at No. 325號, Chenggong Rd, Shanhua District, Tainan City, 741012

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4.4 (76 comments)


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Open Time: 06:00


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The breakfast shop opposite Shanhua Brewery has high reviews and I came here to try it. The shop is quite neat. the boss is very kind Kimchi-roasted pork omelette. The freshly made omelette is very thick. It is different from the thin omelette crust in ordinary breakfast restaurants. The kimchi flavor is particularly delicious. It tastes even better when paired with roasted pork. Highly recommended. Scallion eggs. Breakfast restaurants usually only have poached eggs. It’s rare to see chopped scallion eggs. The boss also sprinkles white pepper before serving. It’s my favorite flavor. It’s so delicious.

Every meal is carefully prepared, and there is no meal that is just fried and served on the table. The store is also kept very clean. It is highly recommended to use their omelette, which is a traditional battered omelette, the outer skin is fried very crispy, and there are a lot of fresh green onions. It is really not expensive for 40 per serving. Recommended Recommended

The boss’s egg pancakes are really delicious! It’s a traditional powdered egg pancake, and it’s fried cleanly and neatly. It has a thick texture, and I love kimchi, which has an extra crispy sweetness. The drinks are also delicious, my favorite is the fresh milk tea, not too bland. Once when I saw a customer ordering soy milk, I was curious to drink it. Although it is sugar-free, it tastes very smooth. You can call the boss to save the egg cakes. Although the boss is very busy, his attitude is not impatient. Just as kind! The store is kept very clean. Every time I go to get the sauce packet for the egg pancake, You won’t feel the dusty feeling after leaving it for a long time. You can feel the boss’s attention to details~