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Zhubei City, Hsinchu County井町日式蔬食

Vegetarian restaurant, at No. 385號, Wenxin Rd, Zhubei City, Hsinchu County, 302

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4.3 (708 comments)


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Open Time: 11:30


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This is the first time I came to Umachi in Zhubei. Each main course will come with side dishes (passion fruit pickled), which is not bad. The amount of noodle soup seems to be slightly larger than the other two restaurants in Hsinchu and Taichung, and the soup is also a big bowl. The curry contains sweet potatoes instead of potatoes, which is quite delicious. Croquettes are round! A bit over-fried, the proportion of mashed potatoes is too high, and the filling has melted cheese in addition to a little corn kernels. Dried bean curd is delicious! Hundred-page tofu is also delicious, and can be dipped in the accompanying wasabi and pepper. The store is brightly decorated, suitable for small gatherings and chats (reservations are available), and the prices are moderate. Second visit: Side dishes seem to be replaced. Fungus, dried tofu, and king oyster mushrooms should be seasoned with sand tea sauce. I only had a sip of the kombu udon soup, which was delicious. My father said he was full after eating it, and this set was still smoking when it was served. The vegetarian steak with green sauce and nut thick bibimbap is delicious! There should be more green sauce and nuts, otherwise it would be more milky bibimbap. (The rice is very delicious!) The attached soup (fixed in Umachi) kelp soup is stewed with white radish, it is delicious! The amount of kelp sprouts is also relatively large. Curry rice, nabe-yaki curry udon. The amount of noodles is more than that of Taichung, and the amount of sweet potatoes and carrots is much more! At least 3 to 4 pieces each. The side dish burdock shreds tastes just right. Yuxiang cold noodles have a lot of vegetables, a lot of apples, even apple cores! In addition to being appetizing with grapefruit seasoning, there are mushrooms in it, and the mixed noodles are delicious! And there is also small vegetarian meat (should be soybean protein), which will not be very salty.

All vegetarian options. Good amount of food per dish. Must try croquettes!

A good restaurant for vegetarians and healthy food lovers. Bright space and good atmosphere. But no many seats. There are parking lots nearby, which is convenient to drive car to go there.