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Yongkang District, Tainan City大眾酒場 漁花食堂 永大店

Izakaya restaurant, at No. 433號, Section 2, Yongda Rd, Yongkang District, Tainan City, 710

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3.8 (110 comments)


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Open Time: 17:00


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good place for dinner


I was attracted by the name of the store and the decoration when I passed by it before, so I went to try it with my friends today. Overall, it tastes good, the food delivery is very fast, the service staff are also very kind, the space is spacious, the environment is very clean, and the decoration is quite similar. Japanese-style izakaya, and we were sitting in a semi-open space. The disadvantage was that we could always hear the traffic and the sound of racing cars, which affected our appetite, but it was also a very special experience! Meal: The Shacha beef meat is a bit hard, but unfortunately the seasoning is pretty good. But I highly recommend three cups of ribs. It’s sweet but not greasy, bite after bite. We finished it in one pot in no time. For the soup, I ordered the crab meat soup. The portions of crab and shrimp were really small, and it felt like there were more vegetables and eggs, but it was delicious. The addition of green onions and bonito flakes made the soup particularly flavorful and watery. The lotus tastes bland, and there is also a dish of salted and crispy white hairtail which is very delicious, the meat is soft and tender, but the disadvantage is that there are a lot of fish bones haha ​​😅