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East District, Tainan City辣不唧儿 關東煮麻辣燙

Oden restaurant, at No. 263號, Dongping Rd, East District, Tainan City, 701

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4.1 (95 comments)


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Open Time: 16:30


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The ingredients are fresh and delicious Freshly cooked instant noodle hot pot with rich ingredients~ The ingredients in the store look clean and fresh, and there is also black tea to drink~

Lots of ingredients, super delicious! For those who like spicy food but are afraid of it being too spicy, I recommend a little spicy~ Although you will still sweat after eating, it is very refreshing! The glass noodles are filled with soup and are super addictive, and the vegetables are fresh and delicious! Everything is delicious! I only know this place from my name Panda. If I have the chance, I will go there to eat! If you like oden, you will love this restaurant. The above comments are not based on true personal feelings. I hope the store will continue to maintain it and wish the business a prosperous future!

Super delicious oden! Spicy duck blood is a must! Super tasty! ! I've eaten it many times and it's delicious every time Order plain rice if you want to be full. Their plain rice is also delicious. The oden soup is very good, it will become more and more salty as time goes by Those who like light food can go early If you like salty food, you can go later L! Science noodles won't boil you to rot It's just the right taste! delicious! The restaurant is clean and cozy There are also arcade seats, but they are a little more inclined! Unlimited supply of black tea and soup Occasionally there will be winter melon tea!