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West District, Taichung CityOyster porridge

Porridge restaurant, Deli at No. 80, Lequn St, West District, Taichung City, 403

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4.1 (4056 comments)


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Closing Time: 20:00


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Hole in the wall - super great oyster porridge and side dishes were served warm. The size of the oysters were huge and the portion size of the porridge can be shared by 2 if you are not that hungry. The meat (烧肉) is unexpectedly crispy and delicious. The tofu is very nice and the veggies helped cleansed the palate. Price was only $115 in total.

I'm hungry... It suddenly occurred to me that I haven't eaten oyster porridge for a long time! A well-known and time-honored traditional simple snack in the fifth market in Taichung City. The oyster porridge and meat porridge are rich in soup and delicious. The deep-fried dishes in the big push store include roast pork + meat rolls + tofu + rice sausage + sausage with pickles and pickles. , delicious and large portions, every time you come to see the crowds of this store, you can know how attractive it is!

Really nice oyster porridge, cheap, tasty, fresh. Even better as I went there on rainy day. The hot porridge comforted my stomach. Too bad forgot to take picture of that porridge 😆