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Gushan District, Kaohsiung City御私藏/鮮奶茶Milk Tea義享時尚廣場/高雄飲料推薦

Bubble tea store, at 804, Kaohsiung City, Gushan District, Dashun 1st Rd, 115號B2

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Closing Time: 21:30


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Flame imperial brulee, the brulee on it tastes like a liquid pudding😆It fits the name of the item very well. 👇7/1 return visit This time I ordered mango green tea and flame imperial pill milk. Mango green is mango puree + green tea. If you order sugar-free, it actually has the sweetness of ordinary pure tea with a little sugar. If you like mango, you should like it. It is sold like Igarashi a long time ago. The mango green has a similar taste, both delicious. The size and sweetness of Flaming Yumaru milk are all fixed in ice cubes. It is fresh milk tea + brown sugar pearls. The capacity feels similar to supermarket coffee. The pearls are very Q. When you get it, the top is ice and the bottom is warm. Stir evenly, although the sugar content is fixed, it will not be greasy. The clerk is very busy but still friendly and the service is great👍

Beverage shop in Yixiang Tiandi Uji matcha fresh milk tea is designated for their home The taste of matcha and fresh milk is very strong Matcha lovers must come to drink! The shop assistants are also kind and explain the items in detail Like it 👍