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North District, Hsinchu City是時候It's time to

Bakery, at No. 13號, Lane 86, Heping Rd, North District, Hsinchu City, 300

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Closing Time: 19:00


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too delicious

Great meal

It’s really like Xu Huan A small, cute, warm and simple shop that is open late Specializing in Japanese meal kits & room temperature desserts🥖 The prices are almost all under 100 yuan, which I think is pretty good. ▸ Truffled wild mushrooms and tender chicken Truffles and wild mushrooms are definitely my taste🤩 In addition to the fragrant mushroom flavor & cheese powder No more seasoning It tastes healthy and I love it. If you have mushrooms, you will be so happy🍄🫶🏻 ▸ Green Basil Chicken Because I am also a guy who loves ao-chan. So I decided to eat this the night before The green green sauce is rich and not greasy, not overly milky. Because when I ate it with my hands, the chicken fell with a clatter. Only then did I realize how much chicken there was! (⁎⁍̴̛ᴗ⁍̴̛⁎) ▸ Grilled Mentaiko Thick Eggs Moist and tender thick egg with mentaiko It's a sweet mayonnaise flavor I personally hope that the salty aroma of mentaiko can be more prominent🥺 ▸ Taro puree quicksand served with milky salted egg A must-try for taro lovers~~~Taro paste likes gold! ! It's not as smooth as expected, but it definitely doesn't cut corners. There are three large taro pastes with taro particles. Although the golden sand sauce has a high presence, it does not steal the limelight of the taro paste, but rather embellishes it beautifully. ▸ Sicilian coffee I don’t know when Uncle Chen fell in love with Sicily I'm not sure what Sicily should be either. This is the aroma of a cup of coffee> Sicily with lemon flavor but still mellow and smooth taste Maybe I love American style more than Sicilian (? ▸ Fruity Parkway Smoothie Oh this! ! ! It’s exactly the same as the smoothie I used on Gazebo. The pink fruit smoothie is sweet and dense, with a balance of sweet and sour. I almost fell into the whirlpool of memories again🫠🫠 🔹Overall review: A little bird’s stomach or I’m crying at the end of the month and still want to have brunch It's time to come, it's time to seek solace in copper-plate delicacies *ˊᵕˋ)੭