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North District, Taichung City路邊炸蝦天婦羅

Tempura restaurant, at 404, Taichung City, North District, Yucai N Rd, 37號 號 1號樓旁

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4.4 (836 comments)


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Open Time: 12:00


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A set of comprehensive tempura is 70 yuan, and the contents include a fried shrimp, an unexpectedly large fried willow leaf fish, a piece of fried tofu, a piece of fried bamboo shoots, a piece of fried eggplant, a piece of thick fried onion, and a piece of fried beans similar to dried orchids. Products, three fried sweet potatoes. The sweet potato was delicious and the seasoning was refreshing. Fortunately, all of them were sold out after I bought them. The boss is very kind.

Fried shrimp tempura on the roadside 🍤... This small stall is decorated a little like 🇯🇵Japanese style... It opened quite early! It mainly sells some Japanese style, like tempura fried 🦐 shrimp... sweet or not spicy Fried willow leaves 🐟fish.. - 1️⃣Comprehensive tempura: wait about 5️⃣ minutes... super rich 🈵🈵🈵 contains 4️⃣ kinds of vegetables..🥔 sweet potato, white 🥕radish, 🍆eggplant, bean curd.. 1️⃣only fried shrimp🍤, 1️⃣only willow fish. The portion size is super 🈵, I thought the boss would stop it! He kept sandwiching... the fried bean curd was very delicious 🈴, and there was no 💦moisture, and the oil temperature 🌡 was high enough! Not greasy.. The eggplant was crispy on the outside and soft on the inside.. There are only 3 sweet potatoes..🤦🏻‍♂️I prefer to eat shrimps, shrimps are delicious...Although the fish is not bad! But I eat less fish👅.. strongly recommend.. - 1️⃣Comprehensive Tempura_💰70$

Good Plenty and cheap