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Lukang Township, Changhua County麥味登 彰化鹿港店

Brunch restaurant, at No. 312號, Fuxing Rd, Lukang Township, Changhua County, 505

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3.6 (72 comments)


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Open Time: 06:00


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The first thing I do when I open my eyes every day is to think about what kind of McViden meal I want to eat today. Although I order the same breakfast every day, I can always greet myself with a beautiful morning and bring me a happy mood🤍 From the opening of Madden to the present, it has always been a favorite breakfast restaurant, and I recommend it to friends. The service is friendly, the meals are delicious, and they try their best to meet the customer's meal requirements. This is really great! great 👍🏻 Just a small suggestion... please forgive me 🙏🏻 Maybe I am used to drinking some tea-flavored drinks myself, so I will make a small note that I want some tea-flavored milk tea (not too strong milk flavor). I still remember the first time I had breakfast at Macedon, the store manager asked kindly: Is the drink good? Will it be too sweet? At that time, I answered: the taste is just right, and there is a tea flavor when returning to sweetness. That's how I fell in love with their drink at that time (the tea flavor is too strong, there is no milk flavor)🥹💯 It’s just that when I ordered drinks recently, I found that the taste of the drink has changed. The taste of the drink is different every time. Sometimes it is bland and tasteless, and sometimes the milk flavor is too strong and it tastes a bit greasy. It’s not as sweet as the tea at the beginning. drink! I am sorry for making such a small suggestion. I know that you are also busy and have to meet customer needs, so I am really sorry! 🙏🏻 Because I also consider that it may be the relationship between personnel, and I am also considerate of the relationship with newcomers. I am still getting started and adapting, so I should give them opportunities! That's why the taste and texture ratio of each adjustment is slightly different. This part is a small idea and sharing🥹🙏🏻 But all in all, I will still give five stars 💯🥰 Because I still like Madonna very much! ! 😎 (My friend and I both think it’s great, this Madison is really different from the others! Be sure to continue to accompany us! Come on, hard work)

The food is delicious Affordable It would be better if there were more dishes^___^

I like the food and environment of this McDonald's There are quite a lot of new light meals to choose from For those who want to adjust their diet low-carb high-protein is a good choice More lettuce/vegetables are recommended relieve greasy