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North District, Taichung City泰丘鍋物

Restaurant, at 404, Taichung City, North District, Yizhong St, 98號二樓

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4.9 (16384 comments)


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Closing Time: 22:00


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Hey hey my adventurous friends! Welcome to another one of your boi, Flo's, reviews. So you were craving Thai food today huh? But wait, you friend/girlfriend/boyfriend/ dog, told you they wanted hot pot! So, what to choose? Well, I got the answer for you! Thai Hot Pot! Yes, that's right! In the heart of Taichung we find this beautiful restaurant that offers an exotic spin to the classic hot pot. What sets this place apart from your typical hot pot is that you have the option to try some flavorful Thai inspired broths or other classic broths as well. As for the meats you have various options to choose from. We're talking, beef, pork, shrimp, or seafood. Hell it's almost like Noah's arc with so many animals to choose from. I went a little overboard and picked the ultimate seafood, which brought 20 shrimps and 10 clams. I should also mention that the restaurant offers a choice to swap your vegetables for another meat. So I exercised that option and went ahead with a beef side. Apart from the hot pot, the restaurant also offers Thai cuisine, and yes they have shrimp pancakes! Oh and have I mentioned about the beverages? Thai beverages all around, the classic milk tea, purple honey tea, and even Thailand beer. I really enjoyed this restaurant, the atmosphere and staff were very accommodating and friendly. Hope to return and try every flavor of their ice cream next time!

Delicious, high CP value, fast delivery!

The CP value is OK! The taste of Thai food....👍🏻