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Zhongzheng District, Taipei CityThai Town Cuisine Express Breeze Taipei Station Restaurant

Thai restaurant, at 100, Taipei City, Zhongzheng District, Beiping W Rd, 3號2樓

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4.5 (1524 comments)


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Open Time: 11:00


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This hotel opened in June 2018 So very new The interior decoration is beautiful! It’s different from other Jianwa cities! Check in now on 7/31 and get a free portion of Momo Zhazha (I love it so much) Mo Mo Zha Zha is delicious! (Be sure to order it with ice) There are so many ingredients in the ice. I love this dessert the most. Thai milk tea is delicious😋 What’s special about this restaurant is that there are only 25 dishes to choose from (all of which are highly recommended by Wa City) and there are fewer dishes than other restaurants. 1. Green curry coconut chicken is a must-try and recommended👍 (super delicious with rice) 2. Beef is very spicy and goes well with rice (everyone thinks it is cheaper to order pork and it will taste better) 3. Hot and sour shrimp soup is a must-try👍 (super delicious). The soup with rice is also super delicious. There are 6 shrimps in the soup. The store is very considerate and helps to dispose of the shrimp shells. 4. Cold green papaya is delicious, but this one is really really spicy. Take 2 bites and the whole tip of your tongue will be spicy. It’s so spicy that you want to pee. Hahaha😂 If you like spicy food and sour food, you will definitely love this dish! 5. Pad Thai. This is just rice noodles. It doesn’t feel special. It tastes like rice noodles (everyone thinks it’s okay) Finally, Thai rice 🍚 is really delicious I don’t like to eat, so I eat a lot. 45 yuan per person - unlimited meals Thai food I like very much in Wa City❤️ The attitude of the service staff is very good 👍

Ordered 5 different dishes and all tasted really good. Would definitely recommend :))

Very zesty, spicy and yummy dishes here! We got the 5 person set between 4 people and all got very full especially with unlimited rice refills. Really enjoyed the lime steamed fish and stir fried beef crumbles the most ~ but everything was super yummy 😋