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Zhongzheng District, Keelung CityFirst Date • 初早點

Brunch restaurant, at No. 351號, Xinfeng St, Zhongzheng District, Keelung City, 202

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4.1 (51 comments)


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Roast chicken leg toast is delicious There's lettuce, cheese and eggs inside Very refreshing when paired with pickles It will take a long time to wait onsite It is recommended to book by phone first There is heavy fumes in the restaurant But the food is delicious. I hope the quality can be maintained.

I ordered delivery, and the children’s meal was also loved by the children🥰The crispy potato pancakes were already cold when they arrived, so they were a bit hard, but the taste was delicious😋The spread of the flower sauce pork toast was the same as the breakfast outside Different, the lettuce is also very fresh, and the overall meal is quite delicious.

Due to work and rest schedule, this is my first visit to the store since the opening. , took out grilled chicken leg toast, thousand-layer cheese omelette and iced fresh milk tea. The toast dish is very fresh and crispy, the chicken drumsticks are juicy and caramelized, the thin egg skin, cheese and pickle diced are a very enjoyable combination. The crust of the cheese omelette was crispy, which was different from the puff pastry I had imagined, but it was still very good. There is no ice in the fresh milk tea, and it doesn't get weaker as you drink it. It's fragrant and slightly sweet. I like it very much. The proprietress is kind and sweet. The only flaw may be the oil fume problem. I have been to a store with a similar situation and enclosed the cooking area with glass. I hope it can provide reference and I wish the store a prosperous business^^